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An experienced speaker and experiential hands-on trainer.

Our Principal Consultant, Selena Delesie, inspires people to grow stronger in their lives and leadership practices while giving more intelligently and consistently to their teams and communities. She has learned from, and spoken and collaborated with, some of the most respected teachers and leaders in the software industry.

Her seminars and workshops have become known for two things: comprehensive and actionable content, and personal transformation. She is a rare trainer capable of coupling professional development with personal growth.

When most trainers spend all day talking at you rather than truly training you with world-class content and relevant exercises, Selena stands out. Her mindset is to train you until you can do it. As a true servant who wants to see her participants succeed, Selena guides attendees through valuable content and interactive training exercises that leave them inspired and able to do great things.


We specialize in software testing, agile practices, and creating fabulous software from business inception to happy customers.

Participants have come from all areas of organizations including support, testing/QA, programmers, project management, business analysts, product management/owners, and all levels of management.


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Bring us to speak at YOUR next event! We offer a variety of workshops, seminars and speaking engagements to small and large groups, institutions and organizations.

Our presentations and workshops on living and working from passion, product planning, software development, testing practices, leadership, and organizational culture will inspire your audience to connect, create, and evolve to achieve astounding results at work and in life.

We provide customized content that is specific to what you and your audience both needs and wants, so they leave with practical and pragmatic solutions to their specific challenges, with a twist. Be ready to leave the mainstream behind and discover the secrets of astoundingly successful people and businesses.

Selena travels from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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Prior Live Events:

Selena has presented and taught at private companies, corporations and conferences.

Public seminars and workshops have included Agile Coach Camp Canada, Better Software, OreDev, Conference for the Association for Software Testing, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, QAI’s Quality Engineered Software and Testing, SQE’s StarEast, Software Test Professionals and KWSQA’s Targeting Quality.

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