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Consulting & Coaching

We work with organizations to help develop awesomely creative high performing teams. Learn to cut through all the unnecessary busy-work to deliver amazing value that your customers and clients rave about.


You won’t get the typical recommendations and content – they just give you typical results.

To be extraordinary you need to transform your business so you are doing things differently than your competitors, and actually succeeding! You need to master your process, yet move way beyond it to get back to basics and light the fire of creativity within each person in your organization.


We have worked with startups through to large international corporations.

Our Principal Consultant, Selena Delesie, has traversed the ranks of  small and large technology companies and developed a passion for building empowered teams founded on individual strengths and successes to achieve organizational missions. Her hands-on experience coupled with extensive coaching and consulting skills have enabled her to work with all levels of an organization (such as: support, testing/QA, programmers, project management, business analysts, product management/owners, and all levels of management) to inspire change that benefits customers, employees, and the business.

Regardless of your subject matter, we  dig deep and get to the root of the problems you are encountering. Whether you need an assessment to identify the struggle points in your business, training on the latest (or even mostly unheard of) skills and techniques, or a swift boost of motivation, we customize our approach, recommendations, training and coaching to be specific to you.


Are you ready to transform your organization into a powerhouse with the talent you already have? 

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